No-Code Functions

Build in preprocessing functions allow you to aggregate and analyze data. For example you can aggregate data points for a given interval using the AGGREGATE function. Or separate data into distinct blocks of time using the BATCH function. You can also easily connect multiple data points using boolean operators or scale data using any formula you like.
Benutzerdefinierte JS-Funktionen

Custom JS-Functions

When you want to do more complex processing, without the hassle of using a full scale edge container setup you can configure JavaScript edge functions directly in the VergeLink UI. This allows you to do any kind of preprocessing directly at the edge.

Integrate as Container

VergeLink can run in a simple Docker Container on your edge gateway, together with Azure IoT Edge, AWS Greengrass or Thin Edge you can then manage VergeLink and your custom edge container workloads in the same system. This approach works best if you want to run ML/AI, machine vision or very domain specific workloads at the edge.
ntegrieren als Container

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